Proof’s Place is a versatile test-kitchen that develops and reinvents recipes; always vegan. Working globally, Proof takes his kitchen wherever he goes, he is currently based out of London.

The passion of being behind a knife in the kitchen, and the freedom to materialize imagination is what drives Proof’s Place. Recreating dishes he could observe, smell and feel, but never eat - led to a fresh take on every dish. Not using traditional recipes, he builds ideas from the memory of his senses, always starting with the experimentation of processes.

Using pop-ups as a platform to share, Proof currently makes appearances in London, Tokyo, and San Francisco, with the intent to spread wider.


Retail: Product Development for Organic or Vegetarian.
Restaurants/Cafe: Develop Recipes and Dishes

Commercial Brand Strategy

Catering and Cakes

Guest Chef
Single event, or longer term Residencies

Pop ups
Dessert Nights, Weekend Brunch, and Full Course Meals

Bits and Peace Gronola
Coconut Bake’N

Current Projects

The Japan Connection
What started as a guest chef at Alishan in Japan, soon turned into a chef residency, strategic consultation to various vegan outlets in Japan, as well as herding the vegan community via pop-ups in Tokyo. The project continues and strives to create a closer connection to the London scene.

Kyoto Kitchen
Starting as collaboration between Proof and Pomodoro_e_Basilico [at the Vevolution event 3/2017], Kyoto Kitchen has grown into a pop-up kitchen for exclusive events. It grew out of their excursions in Kyoto, whilst randomly stumbling across Mamezen Soba where they had one of the best Ramen; the Soy Milk Ramen.


Amy’s Kitchen
As a member of the founding team in the UK, he played an integral multi-disciplinary part to launch and expand Amy’s Kitchen to the UK, and then Internationally.

Being Commercial Brand Director he built and shaped the road for Lemonaid to walk on in their launch in the UK, US & Japan market.

Ongoing Resident Chef (including Pop-Ups), Recipe Developer and Strategic Brand Advisor.

Chiba Project
A collaborative event with local artists and renowned coffee roaster HUG. Creating a dessert tasting menu inspired by seasonal organic ingredients all grown in Chiba, paired with locally roasted coffee ...and a film screening.

Strategy and consultation to vegan + organic start-ups and leading brands such as Tofurky, Ms O’Fuss Mixes - on launching a brand in the UK or growing distribution.